Washington County Bar Newsletter

This page provides links to current newsletters and their archives, as well as information about the association.

The newsletter is produced by Trish Love, Labor of Love Graphics, Rogers.

Submitting Newsletter Items

Articles, notices, photos and any other items of interest should be submitted to Trish Love.

Best Practices for Submission:

  1. Please submit items worded as you would like to see them published, including a headline.
  2. Submissions may be simply written in an email or submitted as a Word document. Photos are welcome.
  3. Please do not format with tabs, columns, or extra paragraph marks.
  4. Large documents to be included will be added to the end of the newsletter as attachments.  Please submit an introductory paragraph for these items referencing the attachment that will appear in the main body of the newsletter.
  5. Photos of events and activities are always a welcome addition.  Please submit with a caption or paragraph about who is in the photo and what is happening.



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